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Ilona Melis, iliCon's creator, warmly welcomes you to her Portfolio. This collection of past projects shows example of the quality and beauty she consistently delivers to her clients with her icon and graphic designs. In her hands, even the most technical subjects turn to appealing, functionally correct and clearly recognizable icon creations.

Whether the applications made for the Macintosh, Windows platform, or for web pages, she delivers functionally driven, gracefully unique icons and customized graphics to enhance and adorn her clients' products.

After savoring the samples, Ilona invites you to contact her for your next project and become one of her many satisfied clientele.

Your email will be answered!

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Ilona has many years of experience in icon design, and aside from creating and maintaining iliCon, she has also had the distinct privilege of being an official judge for IconManiac's Top Ten as well as the Icon/Desktop Editor for ResExcellence.

Ilona had several courses in sculpting and conventional graphics (see the Private Gallery). Although currently working as a digital graphic designer, she welcomes local clients who like to beautify their homes or offices with conventional decorative art.

Warning! Any use of the images shown on the portfolio pages is strictly prohibited!

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