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Private Gallery

My husband and I have moved several times in the past. This has made it very difficult to collect even a few of the many pictures that have been taken of my works. I have selected from those, a few which were acceptable for scanning.

The Walls!

Sometimes it is easy, sometimes a challenge, and sometimes it just feels impossible to decorate the house or apartment you move into. Also, from time to time it will be the landlord that will restrict you decorating. You may not have enough time or money to decorate. Sometimes however, you may find yourself with a lot of time to try some interesting ideas out. I have tried just about all of the different approaches, so I have experience with many. The samples show a few of images from the pictures I collect. These images demonstrate painted surfaces, which were cut or carved and then glued together to hang or mounted on the walls. Some give a 3D illusion or a theatrical, background type of feeling. The materials that were used were: wood, textile, silver plate and foam board. Sometimes I made Nature's gifts such as leafs, twigs, all kind of nuts into a composition on wood, burlap or cork surfaces.

The Wood!

Wood is a wonderful material. If only my wrist was stronger... I was fortunate enough to know one of Venezuela's most famous sculptor Pedro Barreto when we were there for about a year because of my husband's work. Barreto works with wood and he is a master of structures and forms. While I was his student, he gave me a big piece of hard tropical wood to carve on. But he looked at my wrists and told me that it is not for such small boned hands and he recommended me to use other material such as clay. The samples show some masks and two supporting pillars I made several years ago.

The Clay!

I finished the rustic carving, mentioned above and after two weeks of wrist resting I switched to a softer, much more easier handled material, clay. The samples show some studies I made.
Making sculpture is something which needs to be done in a cat free environment. Painting is even more fun for the four paw friends. Because of this I have had little chance to practice in the past couple of years. Some of my work were left behind in Holland, where I could study while my husband was occupy with his work for about a year. Some of them are in my friends and relatives house in Hungary. Some haven't even been photographed but those which were, I still collecting pictures of.

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