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Web Site Designs

The Betsy Ross Hotel

This web site is a friendly invitation to a charming hotel in Miami Beach.


Site specific graphics, and page mockup for a friend.

Electronic Ballast Design for HID Lamps

Applying a simple and elegant design, this technical web site become more friendly and attractive. The navigational buttons are like little graphs, visually illustrating the content of different sections for those who are familiar with the subject. The logo is quite delicate, and technically accurate.

Wonder Products

A cheerful little web site for a small company selling children furniture.


The uniqueness of the older version of iliCon was in its logo and section logo designs. The first letter of each titles' had facial expressions, arms and legs giving the whole site a cheerful, fun look. Also see the Graphics Designs!


The new version is quite different, more elegant and a little bit more serious. Still a friendly and cozy place to visit.

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